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About Dreamala

We give answers to the future and the meanings of dreams through free & paid services. New users get free/bonus credits, so they can try services for free.

Dreamala has two features: deciphering dreams and decoding the future (independently of dreams).

The website gives you access to ancient meanings of dreams and is constantly adding new dream interpretations. It is only through dream meanings that you can find out what messages your subconscious mind is sending you.

  • If you don’t remember the details, but wake up with anuneasy or unusually happy feeling and want to know the prediction of the dream – use our Dream Decoder.
Dreams are not the only method of deciphering the future. You can also get answers to specific questions or future forecasts by using our other services:

  • Eye in the Sky: This gives predictions with amazing truth and exactness, taking into consideration the influences of the Zodiac, the nine planets and the twelve houses of Heaven.
  • Great Grids: These help to find out whether the time and circumstances for a particular event are propitious or not.
  • Tea Leaf reading: This is an ancient form of divination that helps to get the answer to a specific question.
We have both free and paid services, but as a new user, you can get 2 free credits and some bonus credits, which can be spent on any service. Join Dreamala today and get free dream interpretations and tools to decipher your Future! Subscribe toDreamala’sweekly newsletter or Viber/Telegram messages on or become a Dreamuser (with future benefits) on

With love for Dreams and faith in the Future,