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Strange and mesmerizing facts about Dreams

Hello, Dreamusers/Dreamhackers! Welcome to the world of Dreams; the strange, mystical and fascinating phenomena that happen to all of us every single night, whether we remember them or not. Did you know that 90% of our dreams are forgotten by us within the first ten minutes of waking up? Women dream about both men and women, but men dream more of men! Another strange fact is that blind people also dream, but their dreams are not of images like sighted people, but of emotions and other sensory experiences.

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Lucid Dreaming and 3 ways to Lucid Dream to fill your life with inspiration!

Dreams can not only tell you the true nature of your reality, they can also be manipulated to improve your life by overcoming psychological issues, fulfill your deepest fantasies and to tap into your inherent creativity. Such dreams, in which the dreamer plays with the remarkable abilities of the brain to overcome the obstacles of reality, are Lucid Dreams. Simply put, lucid dreaming is a person’s awareness that he or she is dreaming.

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REM and its role in your dreams

Your brain repeats five different phases of sleep during your entire sleep cycle every night. REM or rapid eye movement is one of those phases. It is the 5th stage of the sleep cycle and first occurs about 70 to 90 minutes into your sleep.

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False Awakenings and how to turn them into lucid dreams

False awakenings are strange phenomena that occur while you are dreaming. While dreaming, you are suddenly convinced that you are awake. This happens both in lucid and non-lucid dreams. While dreaming, you suddenly may see yourself waking up and getting dressed, eating breakfast and even going off to work; all activities which fool your mind into believing you are awake and experiencing reality!

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