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Get Paid For The Dreams

It’s finally here! The first ever website that will actually pay you to upload your dreams.

Dreamala is the new way to post and discover meanings of your dreams. Simply register and start posting – you will receive $0.40 per each dream. This is a limited time offer, until 18th of April.

Why are we doing this? We believe that all (or most) people see dreams. It’s a door to the other, mysterious, fantastic world of the subconscious. We want to discover it with you. We want to collect as many as possible, really interesting dreams and we welcome you to join us.

Which dreams are paid? Your dreams should be full, interesting with minimum 80 words; narrated like a little story.

How to redeem the money? Once you have 10 credits (= $10) in your account – you can cash out through your credit card. Simply submit the number of your card in the 'account settings' and press “Redeem cash!”. Your cash will be debited to your card from 2nd until 10th of May.

So…What are you waiting for? Let’s start uploading and get paid!