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Nature, nurtures… greens so true
Boil me a cup, show me a pink or blue
Just boil me a water, put in me some lucky leaves
Turn clockwise 3 times, Rinse me ‘side a spoon,.. see who happy;
who grieves

Tasseography, otherwise known as tasseomancy or tassology, is a divination of fortune-telling through tea leaves that began many centuries ago in Ancient China.Tea leaf reading is an effectual, masterful method of revealing not only the future, but also the past and the present. Suffice to say, the very act of sipping the tea by the person whose fortune is being told, seems to infuse it with psychic powers of precognition and insight.
Tea leaf reading requires that a certain traditional ritual be followed.

In tea leaf reading, the cup is the medium of your fate. The cup should be wide-mouthed and have sloping sides and a handle. It should also preferably be white or light incolor, to make the reading of the tea leaves easier.

The second and an equally important aspect of tea leaf reading are the leaves. For the most accurate reading we advise you to choose loose tea leaves. You may choose green or black but make sure they are loose leaves. China tea is very good for tea leaf reading, because the images it forms are very well defined. Brew a cup of tea with loose tea leaves pour it out without straining, so that some tea leaves go into the cup. Remember that your energy starts preparing for the reading at the subconscious level even before you start sipping the tea so make sure this entire process is done in a peaceful way.

After the tea is brewed , sit it in your most possible comfortable spot and sip through with your opposite hand as it coordinates the left and right brain activity which stimulates creative solutions. As you sip the tea, your conscious and unconscious thoughts permeate into the inanimate cup and the liquid inside it.

Once you are done sipping the tea, having let only about a teaspoonful of liquid remain in the cup, hold the cup in your left hand and move it thrice in a circular, anti-clockwise direction. As you do this, concentrate your mind upon the question you want to ask. Slowly invert the cup over the saucer so that the liquid drains away.

This finishes the ritual. Click a picture of the cup making sure to have captured the pattern created by the leaves.

You will receive the answer you seek within 48 hours.

During 2 days